Chronic Disease Control at the Push of a Button

How the MedsEngine works



Improved Patient



Group-wide HTN control rates*
through the COVID pandemic

*percent of 13,500 HTN patients with BP <140/90 at last visit

Minority population^ HTN control rates* through the COVID pandemic

^population 85% African American; 59% Medicaid, Medicare or uninsured
*percent of minority population HTN patients with BP <140/90 at last visit

It’s a win-win-win for
physicians, patients, and medical groups

Medical Group Leaders

“I can’t ask providers to achieve better quality and cost outcomes if I don’t give them the tools they need. The MedsEngine was the ticket to our success.”


“I am getting better chronic outcomes and my patients are healthier than ever in my career. This is why I’m a happy PCP.”

How do better chronic outcomes
reduce the total cost of care?

Our real-world experience:


Reduced high-cost patients from 15% to < 3%


Reduced avoidable admissions to 9%


Reduced per-member, per-month inpatient costs by 19%

Your patients are healthier and your group’s lower medical costs improve your risk revenues.

Endorsed by physicians and leaders based on the collaborative experience and the results

As an advisor to employers who are unhappy with the quality and the total cost of healthcare, one provider organization’s use of the MedsEngine – and the dramatically improved chronic outcomes that result – would clearly distinguish that provider from others in the same market. It is a mistake to underestimate how desperate and determined employers are for better care and a better price.

The MedsEngine helps me communicate better with patients by providing a visual way to explain their disease and the need for medication. Far more patients are taking their medications and my control rates are higher than they’ve ever been.

Not only does the MedsEngine help me select the best drugs, it helps me engage my patients. They put in more effort. These two benefits together have improved all our doctors’ chronic disease success rates which helps our satisfaction being PCPs.

As a practicing physician for over 36 years, I never cease to be amazed at how complex medication selection is today. I’ve been part of the team that develops the MedsEngine chronic disease management application. I really enjoy helping empower fellow PCPs to write more precise meds, get better outcomes and save doctors steps and time.

Having all my patient’s data already pulled from the EHR into the MedsEngine means a faster, easier and more certain assessment and plan. The MedsEngine’s precision in meds recommendations has clearly helped me achieve the best outcomes ever in my career. Yeah for AI in the hands of doctors!

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